Our LUCID Framework


Our LUCID Framework has received worldwide attention because it works. We begin with an envision process. We start by thoroughly understanding the business objectives for the product, the technical approach, organizational issues facing the team and, of course, everything possible about the users who will be interacting with the product.

We listen carefully to all stakeholder ideas and sift through them to find the common ground. We develop a clear understanding of the users, their needs, capabilities and preferences.

Then we create a design concept and draw screens as wireframes for your review. We also show potential users the screens to integrate their ideas and test for usability.

We deliver an approved and throughly-tested prototype to the implementation team and then support them with detailed design as the product evolves.

When it's time to release, we map the user's journey and help design all the interactions that lead to adoption and customer support.

We are agile, strategic and world-class designers.